Evidence suggests Android 4.2 could already be running on two new Motorola devices

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http://www.talkandroid.com – New evidence has surfaced suggesting that Google’s upcoming version of Android may not be too far off. The folks over at Android Police have gone through their internal server logs, only to discover a slew of devices appearing to be running Android 4.2, which is rumored to be an iterative update to this year’s Jelly Bean release. Linux; Android 4.2; Nexus 7 Build/JOO92B Linux; Android 4.2; Nexus 7 Build/JOP02B Linux; U; Android 4.2; en-us; Galaxy Nexus Build/JOP04C Linux; Android 4.2; Galaxy Nexus Build/JOO92B Linux; Android 4.2; Galaxy Nexus Build/JOP04 Linux; Android 4.2; o (IT news)