european and asian hosts with massive storage and a great price

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http://serverfault.com – i'm essentially trying to start several project (eg http://whiny.me/ etc ) on a 0$ budget (i'm out of work right now). i'm sure i can get a bit of startup money, but, it would not be much, so, i'm looking for the most economically feasible hosting solution possible, for now. my needs are as such: 2 dedicated servers with at LEAST 8gb RAM and at LEAST 500gb HDD and at LEAST a 4-core 64-bit CPU running on fedora 16 (or higher) or ubuntu 12 (or higher) 2 (dedicated or shared-but-lightly-loaded) servers with less memory and cpu, but UNLIMITED (or a LOT) of storage space (typically only found on (HowTos)