Ethernet 802.1x client -> WiFi AP on a Raspberry Pi? [migrated]

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http://serverfault.com – I have an Ethernet connection that requires 802.1x authentication (TTLS, MSCHAPv2, name+password). My goal is to connect that to something that would then act as an WiFi AP, so I can use the connection on more devices (iPhone, notebook, etc.) Would it be possible/good idea to use Raspberry Pi for this purpose? Or are there better-suited devices to do this? EDIT: found some alternatives but because of low rep can't post more than two links... OpenWRT + wpa_supplicant guide Carambola - works with OpenWRT (but probably not standalone?) Hornet-UB - works with OpenWRT Asus RT-N10+ + OpenWRT ho (HowTos)