Errors during 32-bit glibc2.17 compile

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm trying to compile the current glibc (2.17) from the official ftp on my machine (kernel 3.7.3). No patches or extras are applied. For x86_64 everything works fine, but I need the 32-Bit libs as well. According to the manual, I run this to configure (64-bit already installed): ../../src/glibc-2.17/configure --prefix=/home/user/glibc32 --enable-kernel=3.7.3 BUILD_CC='gcc' CC='gcc -mx32' CXX='g++ -mx32' At first, I got the error specified in the following line from pread.c and pwrite.c #ifdef __NR_pread64 /* Newer kernels renamed but it's the same. */ # ifdef __NR_pread # error "__NR (HowTos)