Error occured when configuring Atlas on my ubuntu 12.04

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http://stackoverflow.com – I tried to configure and install atlas on mu ubuntu 12.04, but error occured as below. Can anyone tell me what's going on here and how can I solve this. Thanks. gcc -I/home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/..//CONFIG/include -g -w -c /home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/..//CONFIG/src/atlconf_misc.c gcc -I/home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/..//CONFIG/include -g -w -o xconfig /home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/..//CONFIG/src/config.c atlconf_misc.o ./xconfig -d s /home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/../ -d b /home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp gcc -I/home/lulu/ATLAS3.10.1/installtemp/..//CONFIG/inc (HowTos)