Error installing software via RPM (Free Pascal)

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello! I'm a new user to openSuSE, but know enough about Linux in general to be dangerous. I'm new to using RPMs for installation of software and I received an error that I'm not quite sure how to handle from the Software Installation program. I downloaded and successfully installed Free Pascal 2.2.4-1 via RPM using Software Installation. I went to install Lazarus (a seperate GUI IDE for Free Pascal) and when I performed the same installation procedure, I instead got this error: [PK_TMP_DIR|dir:///var/tmp/TmpDir.A62YKv] Repository already exists. The steps I took were this: 1) When actually clicking on the link to download the program, I chose "Open with Software Installer" when asked by Firefox. 2) I chose to open the package and gave authorization to the program. 3) The program started to install and then immediately stopped with the above error. Any pointing in the right direction so I can fix this is appreciated. :) Thanking you, dm (Distributions)