Easy Pascal example - unexpected error - please help

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi guys, I am doing an exercise we got in school and I am stucked at the point when I think everything is correct, but obviously is not :-). Target: Make a very simple pascal program, which opens a text file with three variables(name, sex, salary) and returns the highest women salary. I have the following: Program salaries; uses crt; var F:text;max,salary:word;name:string[50];sex:0..1; begin  max:=0;  assign(F,'C:\FPC\2.4.0\bin\i386-win32\salary.txt');reset(F);   repeat   readln(F,name,sex,salary);   if (sex=1) and (salary>max) then max:=salary;   until eof(F);  clrscr;close(F);  writeln;  writeln('The highest ladies salary is:  ',max);  writeln('Press ENTER for exit.');  readln; end. and text file salary.txt has following content: Peter 0 3500 Helena 1 2000 John 0 0 Natalia 1 7000 Frank 0 7100 When trying to compile this in FreePascal, there are no errors, but once I run the program, I get exitcode 106. Could you please look at it and advise what should I change? And another question, how to write it in order to see all items on the row? I mean, if the above written example would work, we would get just number of highest salary(7000), but what to do, if I want also the name of the person with the highest salary? Thanks a lot for your help, Pavel. (General)