EA’s latest promotion of Dante’s Inferno – Hide ASCII arts in various websites

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http://digitizor.com – EA is going out a long way to promote its upcominggame Dante’s Inferno. They have even been reported to have hired “Christians” to carry out protest against the game at the recent E3. This publicity stunts, though successful, is quite controversial. Their latest promotion of the gamehowever is just brilliant – they ASCII arts and passwords in the source codes of various websites. EA scattered six ASCII images and six passwords along with the image all over the internet in various websites’ source code. After you find all six passwords you can enter them at a websitefor a surprise. The ACSII arts and passwords can be found in the following websites – Digg, IGN, Gamespot, Kokatu, Daily Motion, Game Radar and WWE. Of these websites, the same image is found in Gamesopt and Kokatu. The passwords are: excommunicate scythe grafter styx unbaptized alighieri And finally the images (click to see the larger version): Related Posts : KDE website gets major redesign for the new KDE SC 4.4 release How to check health or status of any online Web Service API? How to install an offline dictionary in Ubuntu New Wordpress 2.9 lets you easily add Alternate Text to images, increases organic traffic to your website How To Compile and Install K3b 2 Beta in Kubuntu Whats This? (HowTos)