dwm and .xinitrc - thunar-daemon not mounting usb

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http://crunchbang.org – Thanks RatPack. Unfortunately using either your .xinitrx script or the one I posted above gives me multiple side effects to launching dwm with a start-up script:- can't mount usb automatically (with your script not even on first log-in to a wm)- font issues- scripts from my ~/bin aren't recognized - this is very weird!Is something in my .Xsession (that I'm telling slim to ditch for .xinitrc) important?/etc/X11/Xsession:#!/bin/sh # # /etc/X11/Xsession # # global Xsession file -- used by display managers and xinit (startx) # $Id: Xsession 967 2005-12-27 07:20:55Z dnusinow $ set (HowTos)