Dumping Windows SP3 to install Ubuntu Linux

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I purchased a used machine, the seller had preloaded Windows XP pro on the computer, well you know the story, I got it home, plugged it into the internet and M$ started auto updating to SP 3 and I had no way to block it like I did with an XP blocking script as I did in the past with another Windows box. Needless to say the machine could not handle IE 8 and SP 3, so I ordered a Ubuntu CD, now the mission is to install that and remove the Windows OS. I need your help as the only thing I ever ran in Linux was Mepis 3.3 from the CD without installing it to hard drive. I want to simply have Ubuntu running with no dual boot or partitions on this old used machine. How do I convert this machine and successfully install Ubuntu and remove Windows XP pro SP 3 and IE 8 without screwing everything up ?? (HowTos)