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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi everyone, I've got a DropDownList in Product.aspx when the add to cart button is pressed the value selected is passed onto a stored procedure. What I need help with is in ShoppingCart.aspx I want the selected value on the previous page to be the index on this pages DropDownList. But the DropDownList is in a GridView and therefore I do not know how to do this. Any help will be appreciated. ShoppingCart.aspx <asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">     <asp:Label ID="titleLabel" runat="server" Text="Your Shopping Cart" CssClass="ShoppingCartTitle" />   <br />   <asp:Label ID="statusLabel" CssClass="AdminPageText" ForeColor="Red" runat="server" /><br />   <asp:GridView ID="grid" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="ProductID" Width="100%" BorderWidth="0px" OnRowDeleting="grid_RowDeleting">     <Columns>       <asp:BoundField DataField="Name" HeaderText="Product Name" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression="Name" >         <ControlStyle Width="100%" />       </asp:BoundField>       <asp:BoundField DataField="Price" DataFormatString="{0:c}" HeaderText="Price" ReadOnly="True"         SortExpression="Price" />             <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Color">         <ItemTemplate>             <asp:DropDownList ID="editColor" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataTextField="Value" DataValueField="Value" /><asp:SqlDataSource                 ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:BalloonShopConnectionString %>"                 SelectCommand="SELECT [Value] FROM [AttributeValue]"></asp:SqlDataSource>         </ItemTemplate>     </asp:TemplateField>               <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Quantity">         <ItemTemplate>           <asp:TextBox ID="editQuantity" runat="server" CssClass="GridEditingRow" Width="24px" MaxLength="2" Text='<%#Eval("Quantity")%>' />         </ItemTemplate>       </asp:TemplateField>             <asp:BoundField DataField="Subtotal" DataFormatString="{0:c}" HeaderText="Subtotal"         ReadOnly="True" SortExpression="Subtotal" />       <asp:ButtonField ButtonType="Button" CommandName="Delete" Text="Delete" >         <ControlStyle CssClass="SmallButtonText " />       </asp:ButtonField>           </Columns>   </asp:GridView>   <table width="100%">     <tr>       <td>         <span class="ProductDescription">           Total amount:         </span>         <asp:Label ID="totalAmountLabel" runat="server" Text="Label" CssClass="ProductPrice" />       </td>       <td align="right">         <asp:Button ID="updateButton" runat="server" Text="Update" CssClass="SmallButtonText" OnClick="updateButton_Click" />         <asp:Button ID="loginButton" runat="server" CssClass="SmallButtonText" Text="Login" Width="80px" OnClick="loginButton_Click" />         <asp:Button ID="registerButton" runat="server" CssClass="SmallButtonText" Text="Register" Width="80px" OnClick="registerButton_Click" />       </td>     </tr>   </table>     <br />   <uc1:ProductRecommendations ID="recommendations" runat="server" /> </asp:Content> ShoppingCart.aspx.cs public partial class ShoppingCart : System.Web.UI.Page {     protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)     {             // popluate the control only in the initial page load         if (!IsPostBack)             PopulateControls();     }         // fill the shopping cart controls with data     private void PopulateControls()     {             // display product recommendations         recommendations.LoadCartRecommendations();             // get the items in the shopping cart         DataTable dt = ShoppingCartAccess.GetItems();             // if the shopping cart is empty...         if (dt.Rows.Count == 0)         {             titleLabel.Text = "Your Shopping Cart is empty!";             grid.Visible = false;             updateButton.Enabled = false;                 //checkoutButton.Enabled = false;             totalAmountLabel.Text = String.Format("{0:c}", 0);         }         else             // if the shopping cart is not empty...         {                 // populate the list with the shopping cart content             grid.DataSource = dt;             grid.DataBind();                 // set up controls             titleLabel.Text = "These are the products in your Shopping Cart:";             grid.Visible = true;             updateButton.Enabled = true;             //checkoutButton.Enabled = true;                 // display the total amount             decimal amount = ShoppingCartAccess.GetTotalAmount();             totalAmountLabel.Text = String.Format("{0:c}", amount);         }     }         // remove a product from the cart     protected void grid_RowDeleting(object sender, GridViewDeleteEventArgs e)     {             // index of the row beeing deleted         int rowIndex = e.RowIndex;             // the ID of the product being deleted         string productId = grid.DataKeys[rowIndex].Value.ToString();             // remove the product from the shopping cart         bool success = ShoppingCartAccess.RemoveItem(productId);             // display the status         statusLabel.Text = success ? "Product successfuly removed! " :                                     "There was an error removing the product! ";             // repopulate the control         PopulateControls();     }         // updat shopping cart product quantities     protected void updateButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)     {             // number of rows in the grid view         int rowsCount = grid.Rows.Count;                // will store a row of the gridview         GridViewRow gridRow;             // will reference a quantity textBox in the GridView         TextBox quantityTextBox;         DropDownList editColor;             // variable to store productId and quantity         string productId;         int quantity;              // was the update successful?         bool success = true;                         // go through the rows of the gridview         for (int i = 0; i < rowsCount; i++)         {                 // get a row             gridRow = grid.Rows[i];                 // the Id of the product being updated             productId = grid.DataKeys[i].Value.ToString();                 // get the quantity textbox in the row             quantityTextBox = (TextBox)gridRow.FindControl("editQuantity");             editColor = (DropDownList)gridRow.FindControl("editColor");             string attributes = editColor.SelectedValue;                 // get the quantity, gaurding against bogus values             if (Int32.TryParse(quantityTextBox.Text, out quantity))             {                     // update the product quantity                 success = success && ShoppingCartAccess.UpdateItem(productId, quantity, attributes);             }             else             {                     // if TryParse did not succeed                 success = false;             }                 // display the status message             statusLabel.Text = success ?                 "Your Shopping Cart was successfuly updated!" :                 "Some quantity updates failed! Please verify your cart!";         }             // repopulate the control         PopulateControls();     }         // redirect to login page     protected void loginButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)     {         Response.Redirect("Checkout.aspx");     }         // redirect to register page     protected void registerButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)     {         Response.Redirect("Register.aspx");     } } (General)