Drop VM's interfaces' traffic of bridge with Shorewall

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a KVM virtualization with a Host and various guest virtual machines. I also have various public ip's and everything it's working OK, but I want to configure my Shorewall and I can't do it. My interfaces are: br0 (bridge of eth0) tun0 (OpenVPN) vnet* (each one of bridged interfaces with public IP's) Host with public Main IP: 188.165.X.Y OpenVPN IP's: 172.18.0.x for host, guests and external machines Bridge for guest virtual machines: public Internet ip's like (5.39.56.x and 5.39.57.x) So, I have the next configuration for shorewall: /etc/shorewall/zones #ZONE TYPE OPT (HowTos)