Droid 2 Flash to Cricket NV ITEMS PROBLEM

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http://androidforums.com – Alright guys, I'm trying to flash my Droid 2 A955 to Cricket so I can get 3G. I've been using this tutorial forum.ppcgeeks(D O T)com/moto-droid-2/140372-04-2011-droid-2-cricket-full-flash-w-files-latest-cricket-prl-full-flash-2(D O T)html to get it working and I'm stuck on number 12. I can't seem to be able to write ONE NV item in the NV Items generator from whiterabbit. The NV item that isn't writing is the 0465 (0x01D1) one, all 11 of the other ones are working, I did all them individually and all wrote successfully except for this one. The error in CDMA Workshop is "Proc (General)