Driver for second nic disappeared -11.1

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http://forums.opensuse.org – All of a sudden my second nic disappeared. Only thing I did was put the motherboard in a new case. I tried to keep the cards in order in the PCI slots, but may not have. Only thing I can think of is INT went missing on bootup PCI bus scan and reconfig. The first nic is marvel and is on the motherboard and still working, second nic is intel etherexpress (e100). What is the manual way of putting the driver back in the system? From memory it is "e100" I think. But if Im wrong, how can one determine the driver name, and write it back in where its supposed to go. Is there an "auto configure" process that can be used after the system is installed, similar to what it does when starting a new install from DVD? Yast/Network Devices/Network Settings/ wont let me edit the driver box. regards, Shane, Australia (Distributions)