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http://forums.opensuse.org – Ok here goes. I am using Samba with Suse 11 Enterprise Server. It has been added to my active directory domain with no problem. I can see all of the users from the windows domain and everything works well, however here is the scenerio: 1) User1 logs on and scrolls through network neighborhood. 2) clicks on the Linux File Server under the windows domain 3) sees a folder mapped with his user name through no script at all. 4) adds some folders and files to that mapping NO PROBLEM SO FAR Now, User2 logs on and does the exact same thing. What he now sees is his username mapped just like User1. The Problem: User2 sees all of the folders and files that User1 added. If User2 were to add files and folders, User1 and all other users would see what he's added. The question: How do I make it to where each user sees only their mapping and only what they put in it? Any help would be great and I thank you in advance. todd (Distributions)