Dot indicator on windows with C++ implementation

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http://www.daniweb.com – Dear all, I am currently working on a mini-application using Visual C++, and it goes pretty much like this: The program, using mousehook, will retrieve the coordinates of the current mouse position using getcursorpos when a right click is executed, and it will return with a red dot on the retrieved coordinates. Currently, I am done with the mousehook and the getcursorpos part, which I've set for it to return a messagebox showing the coordinates of the mouse when I execute a right click (will be changed to left click after this, keeping it as right click at the moment as it's less annoying). However, I am stumped with ideas for the showing the red dot on the retrieved coordinates part. This program is not meant to be ran in a frame, but on windows in a global manner, which means the red dot will show on a desktop, or on any other application. Is there any advises from the professionals around here? And if you guys want me to upload a copy of my code, I'd be glad to do so. =) But it won't look elegant, as I never had any prior knowledge in C++ programming at all before this, and hell.. I believe programming is my weakest area. >_< Thanks in advanced! PS: Do let me know if I've forgotten anything or what not. Relatively new on the boards around here. Thanks! (General)