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http://chakra-project.org – Hi,I finally created PKGBUILD of Dosemu 1.4. It builded and installed fine, but when I try to execute dosemu I get:[redi@hp-tx2-linux ~]$ dosemu ERROR: Unknown CPU type! CONF: emulated CPU forced down to real CPU: 386 Cannot execute CPUEMU without TSC counter ERROR: cpu exception in dosemu code outside of VM86()! trapno: 0x00 errorcode: 0x00000000 cr2: 0x00000000 eip: 0x0047022b esp: 0x7fff775f3790 eflags: 0x00010256 cs: 0x0033 ds: 0x0000 es: 0x0000 ss: 0x002b Division by zero ERROR: leavedos called recursively, forgetting the graceful exit! EMERGENCY JUMP 4!!! Zabit (SIGKILL)and the bo (HowTos)