Doozy: fans spin, but no lights, beeps, or anything else...

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http://hardforum.com – Just threw together a quick custom build for a friend. It's a basic email setup, please don't tell me to upgrade everything... they don't need it and I'm trying to use up spare parts. Specs -- Antec 380w PSU (known good) ASUS (by which I mean HP ;) ) A8AE-LE motherboard skt939 Athlon 64 CPU (I've already forgotten but IIRC it's a 4000+) 2gb Hynix RAM (DDR1 PC3200) 80gb SATA HDD (WD IIRC) IDE DVD SuperMulti Drive Floppy Drive (purely because the case has a slot for one and I don't want to fill it with cardboard...) System does not boot. I can see the fans spinning, but I get no POS (Hardware)