don't other package managers upgrade the entire system w/ 1 command?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – jasonwryan wrote:Jristz wrote:jasonwryan wrote:Never do pacman -Syuf - it will break your system...in this case, wath is the objective of having a funtions that is recommended never use, instead why no only the -Syu --force and not the -Syuf???is more easy to write unintentionally a -Suyf raten than a -Syu --forceYou use the -f (or --force) option with S; ie., on a single package. Otherwise you are forcing an upgrade of your entire system. That sort of brute force approach is as ignorant as it is irresponsible.man pacman wrote:This option should be used with care, ideally not at all.As off top (HowTos)