Dolphin doesn't find changes quickly enough.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – This is a problem that I've been having for a while. Example: I download flashplayer 10.1 beta from Adobe's website, use "Open With", select Ark and extract the install_flash_plugin folder to my /home/matt/Other directory. Perfect. However, the new folder doesn't show up in Dolphin until much time later (As of this moment, about 2 minutes later) despite going to other folders and coming back to where the new folder should be. I'm ASSUMING (on very limited knowledge of the workings of this) that it's related to how ext4 doesn't necessarily write data to the hard disk at the same time as you technically "create" it, to avoid undue seeking/reading/writing stress on the drive. I assume since it hasn't been "written" yet, dolphin can't find it. But is there a way to reverse this behaviour? Or get dolphin to recognize my changes quicker? I never had this problem with Nautilus back when I used Gnome, so any help is definitely appreciated. :) Thanks so much! (Distributions)