Does rebooting make anybody else nervous? (self-righteous rant)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – So I just rebooted the CentOS server for the first time in... forever. Think it was about three months. Figured I better update the kernel and openssh at the very least. A sizeable portion of the file system is encrypted. / and /boot aren't encrypted, but three (well, really four) mount points are on LUKS volumes - my storage partition, /home, and /tmp. So, of course, I need a monitor connected when I reboot it. Except this time, things screwed up. I also have an external hard drive hooked up to it (for backups) - this happens to be LUKS-encrypted as well. I had an fstab entry specified, but the noauto option set. This was the first time I rebooted since encrypting the external and making an fstab entry for it. Except... this time, on reboot, the OS wanted to run checks on all the fstab entries. Which meant it wanted to check my external's encrypted file system too. Since I didn't encrypt the drive at install time, when the boot process runs luksOpen on my other partitions, it doesn't run it on the external. Meaning that the system was trying to run fsck on a nonexistent dev node (as luksOpen hadn't been run to open the cryptosystem). And, for some reason, / was mounted ro (even though mount told me it was rw). So I had to fire up the old LiveCD to comment out the offending line for my external in fstab. After that, order was restored. VMware Server 2's reconfiguration even went off without a hitch (that's a first). Grr. Rant over. Rebooting makes me annoyed. Bad enough that I have to hook a monitor up to it. :p Anybody else detest rebooting as much as I do? :rolleyes: (HowTos)