Does Noveau work with an Nvidia NVA8 card?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Does the Noveau video driver support an Nvidia NVA8 video card? If so, does it require a special xorg.conf to make it work? On my FC11 64 bit system, I successfully use a card that is reported in /var/log/gdm as (--) NOUVEAU(0): Chipset: "NVIDIA NV4B" but I would prefer to use a "MSI N210 MD512H" card that is reported as (--) NOUVEAU(0): Chipset: "NVIDIA NVA8" However, on boot up, the NVA8 card produces a blank screen when the login screen should appear. (The graphical boot screen is visible up to that point). The Xorg.0.log doesn't have anything that I would interpret as a "fatal" error. CTRL-ALT-F2 gives me a usable console. If I do "startx" in the console, I get the message that the Xserver is already running. (HowTos)