Does libpg-java support passwordless login?

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http://askubuntu.com – The following command runs fine, that is, doesn't ask for a password, prints no warnings or errors, and simply provides a DB prompt: $ psql -U dbuser dbname psql (8.4.10) Type "help" for help. dbname=# When trying to generate an ERD out of this DB with SchemaSpy (running as the same host user), it doesn't work: $ java -jar ~/schemaSpy.jar -dp /usr/share/java/postgresql.jar -t pgsql \ -host localhost -db dbname -u dbuser -o ~/db Using database properties: [/[...]/schemaSpy.jar]/net/sourceforge/schemaspy/dbTypes/pgsql.properties Failed to connect to database URL [jdbc:postgresql://loca (HowTos)