Does Juju really need two nodes?

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http://askubuntu.com – Hi I am trying to deploy openstack with Juju and MAAS. But the Juju bootstap is still with the Status Connecting to Environment: marcel@ubuntu20:~$ juju -v status 2012-07-11 07:18:00,831 DEBUG Initializing juju status runtime 2012-07-11 07:18:00,842 INFO **Connecting to environment**... 2012-07-11 07:18:00,961 DEBUG Connecting to environment using node5... 2012-07-11 07:18:00,962 DEBUG Spawning SSH process with remote_user="ubuntu" remote_host="node5" remote_port="2181" local_port="52179". 2012-07-11 07:18:01,468:11263(0x7f8ffb223700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@658: Client environment:zookeeper.version (HowTos)