Does FHMIPv6 extension in ns2 support multicasting?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I would like to know whether fhmipv6 extension in ns2 that is originally developed my Robert Hsieh support multicasting? I want to generate a wired-cum wireless dumbbell topology that have 2 CN nodes and 2 MN nodes? Before handover operation, packets are transmitted towards the 2 MN nodes that are located in home network. However, when the handover operation is about to occur,I get these error when trying to simulate multicasting using the fhmipv6: --- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o33: no target for slot 0 _o33 type: Classifier/Addr content dump: cl (HowTos)