Does Fedora (or Linux) have a mouse and key recorder and player?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello all, In the past, I've used a program (http://www.kratronic.com/recorder/) that would record and replay key-strokes and mouse actions. This worked well in accomplishing dumb repetitious task as copying an account number from a spreadsheet, switching applications (Attachmate - Extra Personal Client, a connection to an IBM mainframe) paste the account number, press enter to view the account, place the courser in a specific field, type a new value into the field, press the PF4 function key to save the profile, switch back to the spreadsheet, move the courser down one row, and repeat four to five hundred times a day (because the mainframe programmers did not have the time to run frivolous, yet important, bulk profile changes) So what repetitious task am I currently trying to accomplish you might ask? I want to copy the obituary articles once a day in the evening from the newspaper (http://www.clermontsun.com/main.asp?...23&TM=51237.77), and store the information into a database to be made available to genealogist decades into the future and for the national historical society because these articles hold clues to the deceased parents and their children. The newspaper only has the information for a few weeks, then it's gone forever, unless you want to use the microfilm machine at the library. Unfortunately the site blocks my Perl script “lwp-trivial type web-browser” (LWP:Simple from CPAN). So I must use Firefox browser to copy the information to a text file, then the Perl script can read the local file and “do it's think”. Thanks in advanced, Douglazb (HowTos)