Documentation Team: 2.30 Mallard Documentation Review

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http://blogs.gnome.org – We’ve had quite a bit of activity on new Mallard-based documentation this release cycle.  I want to thank the heroes who’ve made this happen.  I would now like people to review others’ help documents.  We all make mistakes, and the best way to find and fix those mistakes is to get more eyeballs. According to my tools, we have the following Mallard help files ready for 2.30: Empathy Instant Messenger (empathy) GNOME Tetravex (gnome-games) GCalctool Help (gcalctool) Time Tracking Help (hamster-applet) Please look for spelling and grammar mistakes, awkward style, and hard-to-read sentences and instructions. Send your reviews to [email protected] as text or git diffs.  If you have any questions, email the list or stop by the #docs channel on irc.gnome.org. (Software)