Do 1 TB Velociraptor SATA drives work smoothly in a Dell PowerEdge RAID setup?

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http://serverfault.com – We're looking at using velociraptor 10k SATA drives in a Dell Poweredge R720. The late-2012 1 TB WD velociraptors seem like a great fit for our situation (need 10s of TBs of storage in a 2.5" format for servers with solid performance). I can't find any examples online of people using these disks in a 2.5" server RAID configuration, but I see at Switch SATA disks in DELL PowerEdge R410 suggesting that only certain Velociraptor models have the right connection for a Poweredge backplane setup. Does anybody know if there will be problems connecting the new velociraptors to the server backpla (HowTos)