DNSonly Cluster Setup Question

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http://forums.cpanel.net – Lets say I have 1 Server with DNS zones as follows. (plan to move ns2.tech off of this server to a dns only box can this be done? or just leave both there) Server1 (WHM/Cpanel) - hosts sites (basically a 1 server deal that hosts the dns) -- ns1.tech.... -- ns2.tech.... --- END current setup ----- Now lets say I want to add 10+ more WHM / Cpanel servers to expand my ability to host sites... End game here I want to have 4 NS addresses No matter how many servers I have with WHM/Cpanel. ns1.tech... ns2.tech... ns3.tech... ns4.tech... *I have some VPS nodes I would install DNSOnly to 2-3 sepa (HowTos)