dnsmasq acts as the DHCP server for selected nodes overriding the existing DHCP server on the same LAN?

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http://serverfault.com – I am trying to set up a small "lab" at home. Like many modern homes, I have a regular DSL service which comes with a 2Wire 3600HGV router, which acts also as a DHCP server. Since I would like to PXE boot a few computers in my "lab" The 2Wire is inflexible to adjustments that I want to do I have used dnsmasq at work so I would like to use dnsmasq as the DHCP server for the few nodes in my "lab" if feasible. In the dnsmasq man page, there is the following: [...] -K, --dhcp-authoritative (IPv4 only) Should be set when dnsmasq is definitely the only DHCP server on a network. It changes (HowTos)