DNS traffic

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http://www.unix.com – Hi All, I have just started learning Lunix; I hope you can help me to block unwanted DNS traffic. I have big spikes of traffic few times a day. The duration is from few minutes to two hours. Incoming traffic is 1 mbps, outgoing is 3mbps Using my friend's script I was able to get some logs. Here are two logs from today, where: xxx.xxx.xxx.6 - my server IP (CentOS) xxx.xxx.xxx.33 - dns server IP, same machine xxx.xxx.xxx.200 - dns server IP, same machine xxx.xxx.xxx.15,17,36 - web sites, same machine xxx.xxx.xxx.5 - primary dns server IP, another machine (windows 2000) xxx.xxx.xxx.138 - dns (HowTos)