DNS records

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, I'm a bit confused about DNS records within the DNS service. I'm running my own DNS server on my home LAN. I also host a website, lets call it mysite.com, it is accessible from the web. Due to the limitation of my ADSL router I can't access mysite.com from my LAN. So I figured I'd add a Record on my DNS server. In the Zone Editor in the Records tab I added the Record Key mysite.com A: (the internal adres of mysite). My pc's all have one DNS server and that would be my DNS server. The DNS servers of my provider are Forwarders. I would think that when I tried to resolve mysite.com from a client my DNS would tell it that is the place to be, but instead it keeps giving the external (www) address. To confuse (at least me) even more, if I open the hosts file on my server and I add the line mysite.com it keeps resolving the www address :s So you think back to your windows time and reboot the server... I was so relieved that this didn't solve it. I think... Where did I go wrong? (Distributions)