Directory not found; -xzvf not found; Makefile not found

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'm trying to load drivers from .tar.bz2 file. I got the .tar opened and extracted to directory ABC. When I try to CD to that directory, I get a message the directory does not exist even tho' I'm looking right at it and the ls command shows it. Did I miss something. The full path is user/downloads.ABC. When I try to run the next command $tar -xvzf DPB_RT2870_Linux_STA_x.x.x.x.tgz I get a message Ubuntu 10.04 cannot find -xvzf. When I try to run the Makefile command locate in the same ABC directory, I again the error message cannot find Makefile. This is my first attempt to load a tarball so al (HowTos)