Different Logical Subnet on same Physical network cause Linux Connectivity Issues

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http://serverfault.com – We have two Linux CentOS hosts, A and B. A = 19x.2xx.6.4 (/24) B = 19x.2xx.7.4 (/24) Both these hosts are on the same physical switch. The reason why they are on different logical networks is because in the future they will be on separate physical networks. A can ping B, and from A you can SSH to B. You can also TRACEROUTE from A to B, in this case it goes through router C (19x.1x.8.1). You cannot NMAP from A to B and various other important network utilities fail when connecting from A to B. The general effect is the same as a time-out. The router in has aliases on the Cisco as such: (HowTos)