Did I have a VIRUS??

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http://forums.opensuse.org – My root partition filled up and kept filling up. I'm running LVM setup on 1TB disk and I initially used 25GB for root. Suddenly, I found myself unable to log in and I could only boot to login screen. I had to create another user to log in to IceWM and from there I found my root partition full. 100% full. I booted a live disk and changed my partitions to add another 10GB to my root partition then went back to my normal user profile. Checking sysinfo showed there was space, but only for a few minutes. Then crashing and a full root partition again. Anyway, this was messing things up when I was running live CD also. After a few minutes it would crash also, even with the root partition not mounted. I moved my ram around and tested the memory with the scanner on the live CD and all was OK. I ended up re-installing the OS with my same LVM setup and it formatted the partition. Left home partition intact. It was odd, though because to get the live install to run I had to clear the /tmp directory. Everything worked after that. Anyone have any ideas? (Distributions)