Dial up connection

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – It seems to me that my dial up connection either is not configured or does not have enough software to trouble shoot,as i see just there is a network monitoring file ,which has a modem connect button ,and clicking on that button after 20 seconds says failed to connect!and then not connected message!on the lower left side of the window. -Dialing process is not shown step by step.I think it should consist of,fist,opening port,then, dialing,then showing the results or errors which possibly occur,then trouble shooting...etc -This way, how do i know about the reason for this failure ? -How do i solve that?I have tried to reconfigure this connection for several times,but there were no better choices available. -Modem is Gigabyte soft 56k,and there was no Linux driver on the CD inside the hardware package !? (HowTos)