DHCP problems with a WAP

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, I'm having problems with an embedded linux platform and a wireless access point. I want my network to be as follows: ADSL wireless BB router (and DHCP server) -> WAP (wireless access point acting as client, DHCP server not enabled) -> switch -> embedded platform However the embedded platform sends out its DHCP discover request (noted by using wireshark on a linux PC) but nothing responds. However ADSL BB router -> WAP -> switch -> Linux PC and Windows PC get IP addresses ADSL BB router -> switch -> swtich -> embedded platform gets IP address but ADSL BB router -> WAP -> embedded platform doesn't get IP addreess So the Linux PC and a Windows PC all successfully can use all combinations of switches and WAP to get IP addresses using DHCP but the embedded device and the WAP don't get on. I've also tried a hub instead of a switch incase that makes a difference but it doesn't. I've looked through the DHCP discover packets using Wireshark from all machines and I can't spot anything obvious (the only 3 differences I could see I bodged in ipconfig.c (length of packet, whether the packet allows fragmentation, stay alive timeout) but still no joy). I've looked for updates to the ethernet driver for my embedded platform but nothing. The embedded platform is using kernel so quite old however I am not able to upgrade the kernel to the latest as there are too many driver patches for the platform that I know nothing about and have been warned that the platform experts expect to take a week to do a kernel upgrade so it would take me much longer. I have tried applying various IP patches I've found around but nothing has worked so far. Any ideas gratefully received (assume a certain level of ignorance about IP as you can probably tell by my waffle above) as well as telling me to try a more appropriate forum. Rachel PS The WAP is a Edimax EW-7206APg, the ADSL BB router is a NETGEAR DG834GT if that makes a difference. The ethernet driver the platform is using is 8139too. (HowTos)