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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, I must manage a network for my company, a local network. There is a server with a website on it, and every client may visit that paste. But such i say, its local, so no network availible. the situation is like this: Head1 - department 1 - department 2 Head2 - department 2 - department 3 such you can see, if some client from department 1, want connect to Head2 (the server) he can choose the way, first to Head1 then to Head2, of first to department2 then to Head2. Such i say, there is no connection and configure my DHCP failed. I've done all the things on this site: howto configuring the dhcp server at linux home networking. I'm not be able to enter a url. I hope someone can answer me and help me with the problem (HowTos)