Development: Switch of GNOME tarball compression format: tar.xz only

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http://permalink.gmane.org – In a few months, newly uploaded tarballs on ftp.gnome.org will only be available as tar.xz. Change occurs after the last stable release of GNOME 3.2, approximately on Nov 16 2011. This only for *new* tarballs. All existing tarballs on ftp.gnome.org will NOT be affected nor removed. Currently tarballs are released using the formats: - tar.xz - tar.bz2 (until 2011-11-15) ==> After Nov 16 2011 (approx.) tarballs will only use tar.xz <== For packagers: - please package GNOME 3.2 using tar.xz - default options are used for xz compression; requires about 9 MiB of memory to decompress (Software)