Detect monitoring voltage, temperature, fan-rpm sensor values with linux lm-sensors!

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http://feedproxy.google.com – What is lm_sensors? By Wikipedia’s definition of lm_sensors : lm_sensors (Linux-monitoring sensors), a free open source software-tool for Linux, provides tools and drivers for monitoring temperatures, voltage, and fans. It also monitors chassis intrusion detection. lm-sensors is already included in many popular linux distribution repositories. For Gnome desktop users, values obtained from the lm_sensors can be placed in the “top panel” by installing “sensors-applet”. Here is a good “lm-sensors” guide for Ubuntu users to add lm-sensors to your customized installation [ for both Gnome and KDE users ] For those with bleeding edge hardware, the usual repositories lm-sensors package may not yet support all the latest sensors on their mainboards and graphics card. However, there has been some new developments in the detection of new yet to be supported sensors that can be installed with a simple script. More on this lm-sensors update here from Phoronix. Source: Phoronix via LM_Sensors Gets A New Configuration Utility. Related Posts: Make Ubuntu complete with these additional installations! Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Alpha 4 released Noob Introduction to Kernel Mode Settings and Rootless X-Server New Dell Netbook ships with Ubuntu Moblin Netbook Remix! Nvidia 195.22 Beta Linux Display Driver Available In Nvidia Vdpau Team PPA [Ubuntu] (General)