despite efforts, can't connect to network gateway

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi Internet connection problems have come back to haunt me. Right now I cannot ping to my default gateway. Any suggestions? Info to follow: The machine also has SuSE installed on a separate partition. Networking with the same parameters runs fine in that installation. I use a troubleshooting checklist for situations like this: network troubleshooting checklist (case of wired connection with static ip) make sure net cable is well plugged in on both sides. CHKD. make sure ifconfig eth0 details the static IP you want set and that the iface is running (this stage is quite a head start if you've got to it. It would suggest that you have rc.inet1.conf set up properly. CHKD. HAL checked against eth0, and it also specifies eth0 for this interface. no problem pinging to type "route" and see if your default gateway comes up. SEMI-CHK: it does come up but takes a long while .. that's bad sign. It still means your rc.inet1.conf is OK, but here's something else up. check /etc/resolv.conf for your nameservers .. just in case some over-zealous program has decided to overwrite it. CHKD, all OK .. I use the google nameservers and Despite using what I thought were decent tools of the trade, if I unplug the cable ... they give the same output!!! (HowTos)