Designate the first 25 blocks on HD

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am trying to setup a raid 5 but when I do the boot block causes the first disk to go to extended when the rest do not have to. This then leaves me with one on extended and three not. That would be fine but then the raid 5 will not recognize the extended so I end up with raid 5 -1 for part of the array. I am thinking that if I could designate 0 to 25 on each disk that all will be well. I also have tried to make an array of the 3 remaining disks but I still end up with mismatch on where my arrays are located, some on primary and some on extended which gives me the same results; raid 5 -1. Also there is no way of making a raid 5 boot sector so that is out, at least from my experience or all I read. Does anyone know of way to control the first twenty five blocks or any other solution to this problem? Thanks for you time and help (HowTos)