Dependency issue installing PostGIS on CentOs 6.3

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http://serverfault.com – I am new to linux and is trying to install PostGIS2 after successfully installing PostgreSQL 9.1. The machine is running CentOS 6.3 and has cPanel installed. Problem: When I tried installing PostGIS using yum: yum install postgis2_91 postgis2_91-utils, I get the dependency error below. How should I solve this dependency problem and install PostGIS? Thank you so much! --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Package: postgis2_91-utils-2.0.1-1.rhel6.i686 (pgdg91) Requires: perl-DBD-Pg Error: Package: gdal-1.7.2-1.el6.i686 (pgdg91) Requires: libdapserver.so.7 Error: P (HowTos)