Deleting repeated lines by keeping only one.

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http://www.unix.com – Dear Buddies, Need ur help once again. I have a flat file with around 20 million lines (Huge file it is). However, many of the lines are of no use hence I want to remove it. To find and delete such lines we have certain codes written at the starting of each line. Basis that we can delete the lines. However its not as easy as it is looking. Following is the example. consumer_list.temp Name: Anushree Aggarwal Tel1: 022-42158473 Tel2: 9965821475 Add1: Blah blah blah blah Add2: Blah blah Add3: Blah blah blah Gndr: Female Name: Rucha Chheda Tel1: 022-42158499 Tel2: 8325698501 Ad (HowTos)