Deleting entries older than 7 days from a file

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have a file which contains entries in this format. Code: my-bin.000140 my-bin.000141 my-bin.000142 my-bin.000143 my-bin.000144 my-bin.000145 my-bin.000146 my-bin.000147 my-bin.000148 my-bin.000149 my-bin.000150 my-bin.000151 my-bin.000152 my-bin.000153 my-bin.000154 my-bin.000155 my-bin.000156 my-bin.000157 my-bin.000158 my-bin.000159 my-bin.000160 my-bin.000161 my-bin.000162 my-bin.000163 my-bin.000164 my-bin.000165 my-bin.000166 my-bin.000167 my-bin.000168 my-bin.000169 I want to delete entries which are older than 7 days. Pls suggest.:wall: ---------- Post updated at 05:21 PM (HowTos)