Debian - Iptables (and other server services): my rules "change by themselves

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello guys I come to you after failing to find an answer either by googling or trying "home made workarrounds" For more than a year i have been using the following hardware as a home server: atlon64 3500+ 2gb ddr400 hdd 160gb hdd 1tb (for my home pcs backup) onboard LAN: internet (right now i have ADSL, with a huawei MT882 in bridge mode, my server "dials") 4 gigabit ethernet cards: bridged, acting as a gigabit switch (rigt now i only use 2 of them for pcs, one for a wifi router, the other one is free) The server runs Debian 5.0.* with: apache, iptables, dnsmasq (dns an (HowTos)