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http://www.linuxquestions.org – After just updating my system with pacman, I noticed how much unused programs I have. So I started looking through the Xfce menu and running pacman -Rns on every program I don't need. Then I found that I had gnome-disk-utility. I couldn't remove it because it was needed by some gnome lib, which was needed by some other gnome lib, which was needed by a CALCULATOR APP!!! Why should a DESKTOP CALCULATOR depend on a DISK UTILITY!!!??!?! That's why I HATE tightly integrated DEs. The sad part is that you can't avoid them because so many apps depend on their libs. :( I also found that even Xfce depended on some programs that I don't need. So I wonder, if there is a really good, decent-looking alternative to a desktop environment? I tried FVWM, but it is too hard to configure and no matter what I do I think it's ugly. And I haven't found a window manager that has a nice, DE-like taskbar. Any suggestions? (HowTos)