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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Gnome desktop. 64 Bit AMD processor Fedora 12. Today 3/12 I updated my Fedora 12 instalation. There was 68 updates including kernal 2/6.31.6-145.... After the update ALL references to the floppy drive have gone!! There is no icon in "computer" There is no floppy in the File browser There is no floppy in theDisk Utility and there is no floppy in the "device manager" On reboot the LED on the floppy come on as soon as the mother board screen goes away and stays on ALL the time. If you put a floppy in you can here it trying to, what sound like seek. Now I do not know what file did this but before the update the floppy icon was present in all the places listed above. The floppy did not however read the disk. as it reports NO media in the drive. See bug 533543. Seems we have gone backwards (HowTos)