Database table data transfer between different servers using bcp.exe and mysqldump

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http://serverfault.com – I have 2 servers, both are exact clones of another, one is PRODUCTION live use and the other is strictly for backend DATAENTRY. Using MSSQL on two different servers I am using the following command lines to transfer table data between servers... Export table data from DATAENTRY: bcp.exe "SELECT * from database.dbo.table WHERE Modified > '{MM/DD/YYYY} 00:00:00.000'" queryout C:\export\dbtabledump.bcp -n -U{username} -P{password} ##FTP upload file: dbtabledump.bcp to PRODUCTION## Import table data into PRODUCTION: bcp.exe database.dbo.table in "C:\import\dbtabledump.bcp" -n -U{username (HowTos)