Database I/O RAID 10 vs single disks

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http://serverfault.com – I'm currently hosting a game server with the current specification E1230 32GB Ram 2x 1Tb SATA Windows 2008 server SQL Server 2012 Databse size is 10Gb Number of players 1k The problem at first I had I/O bottleneck with 2x1Tb as I was using the default SQL configuration and all the files .mdf and .ldf were stored in default C:/SQLSERVER Then I added 2 more 1 Tb disks and I isolated .mdf and .ldf and TempDB locations. Problem has been fixed and I/O is performing well. Now I have the opportunity to change the disks system to 4x 300GB SAS in HW RAID 10, the problem I'm limited to 4 Disks 1 Array (HowTos)